Saturday, April 4, 2009

Back in wow

I played wow for about 2 years--closed beta for a year and then for a year after launch.

The game was a lot of fun, but when I was right about to hit 60, I realized that I didn't want to raid. The end game held nothing for me, so I stopped playing.

After wotlk came out, Jason started hyping the game up like crazy. He was having a blast, and he finally talked me back into it.

I have to say that I've actually been having a lot of fun. They got a lot of things right this time around that were just wrong before.

Instances are short (generally less than an hour once you're properly geared), and they've added lots of paths to getting good gear. Jason and I are usually able to fill a group for any heroic in about 5 minutes.

I haven't tried any raiding yet, but I think I'm going to this time around.

Oh, and if you're on Stormrage, give me a shout sometime.