Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The long way home

On Friday, I'm heading back to Austin. From Lake City, it's a long drive, about 980 miles. I'm doing it in two days, because 14 hours of driving is too much for one day. I've decided to stop in Abilene, which should only be about 11 hours on the first day, and a nice short drive the next day.

There are some logistical issues with travelling with a dog as large as Samus (she weighs right around 75 pounds now), but has a listing for motels that are animal friendly, so that helps tremendously.

We've had a great time out in CO. Samus has been playing with her "cousins" Penny and Nickel. They're english pointers, and they're cute. Penny is super hyperactive and Nickel has hip dysplasia. Otherwise, they are happy and healthy. Meanwhile, we've hiked about 50 miles while we've been in colorado, plus about 5 vertical miles. I have to say that the last year of working out has made a tremendous difference for me. During a short but steep hike, we maintained a rate of 1 1/3 mph, which is actually pretty impressive as we were also doing 1100' vertically per hour. In general, I haven't been getting overly tired on or after our hikes, so that's been really great.

Although we've had fun, I'm ready to get home. I miss my wife a lot, and I think she's finally had time to miss me.

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